Community Research and Development Information Service - CORDIS

CORDIS is the official website and database devoted to European Research and Development (R&D) activities and technology transfer, in particular the Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development - FP.

Information is provided about:

  • EU research activities: Information services on all aspects of European Union R&D programmes, policies and other initiatives. The objective is to assist organisations and individuals to participate in, and/or benefit from Community-funded research. The services promote awareness of EU research activities at European, national and sub-national levels.
  • Pan-European and international research activities: Services to promote the research and innovation policies, programmes and infrastructures of the Member States. Information covering pan-European frameworks, services to promote cooperation activities with associated states and other third countries.

CORDIS comprises 12 searchable databases including news stories, events, project profiles, press releases, exploitable project results or outlines of EU research programme. All the services can be accessed via the multilingual home page.

The main content services are the following:

  • News: CORDIS News is a daily on-line news service provided together with the Research Directorate-General of the European Commission.
  • Wire: CORDIS Wire is an interactive service that publishes high quality press information on results, innovative policies, successes, case studies and events. You can also directly submit information about your research results.
  • Acronyms: The Acronyms service is a compact dictionary of acronyms and abbreviations in the area of European Union research programmes and related services.
  • Partners Service is a free on-line service, tailor-made to help you find the best research partners for your projects, either in the context of EU-funded research and development projects or within a broader search for technology-orientated partnerships. The service includes details on thousands of active partnership requests from companies, research institutions and universities across Europe and around the world.
  • Projects database: All EU-funded projects from previous and current EU programmes are presented on CORDIS. For each EU-funded project CORDIS provides:
    • Project summary, with objectives, description and achievements
    • Activity area
    • EU funding channels - programmes and status
    • Contact details of project leaders and partner organisations
  • Results service publishes information about exploitable results of research and development in a wide range of fields. The information can stem from public and private sector organizations, from EU- and non-EU-funded research (regional, national, etc). All results included in the service are presented for further exploitation.
  • Technology Marketplace (TMP) Offers is a free on-line service where research and technological development results are available. The Technology Marketplace includes:
    • All exploitable research results stored in the Results Service
    • A showcase of selected results displayed as technology offers
    • Additional information on innovation news, events, useful links and local support.
  • Document library & publications is an entry point for documents and publications on European research and innovation activities. This interface offers direct access to:
    • Documents: official documents downloadable in electronic format
    • Publications: references, bibliographic details and abstracts of research publications such as studies, reports and scientific papers.
  • Programmes is a service containing details of EU RTD Programmes (programme objectives, internal structure and key references) and provides references to additional sources. It also incorporates national RTD programmes and national competence centres.

CORDIS is one of the most comprehensive sources for European Research in general, WBC-INCO.NET portal often takes information from CORDIS for dissemination targeted to the Western Balkan countries.