Horizon Europe 2021 - 2027

Horizon Europe is the EU's €95.5 billion research and innovation programme for 2021-2027 and the successor of Horizon 2020. This new program shall consolidate the results and success of Horizon 2020 and shall allow the EU to remain at the forefront of research and innovation worldwide. Horizon Europe represents therefore  the most ambitious research and innovation program ever. Today's Horizon Europe work programme is based on the Horizon Europe's Strategic Plan, which was adopted in March 2021 to set the EU's research and innovation priorities for 2021-2024.  Most of the funding is allocated based on competitive calls for proposals, set out in work programmes.

New funding opportunities have already opened up since early 2021: in February the Commission launched the first European Research Council calls under Horizon Europe and in March it launched the new European Innovation Council. Furthermore, in April, it quickly mobilised €123 million for research and innovation into coronavirus variants. The other first calls for proposals will open on the Commission's Funding and Tenders Portal on 22 June. The European Research and Innovation Days on 23 and 24 June mark the occasion to discuss Horizon Europe amongst policymakers, researchers, innovators and citizens.  Horizon Europe Information Days targeting potential applicants take place between 28 June and 9 July.



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