Research Project Administration

Administration of Projects, the so-called Project management (PM), was created more than 50 years ago to realize technical development and manufacturing projects of great complexity. This concept has developed over the years and is currently defined as a set of principles and activities to follow for making the everyday decisions that keep a business running, even a small scientific research project.   More precisely, PM is a set of activities leading to the positive implementation of a project, where a project may be defined as involving a group of interrelated activities that are planned and then executed in a certain sequence to create a unique output (product or service) within a specific time frame. Research projects differ in many ways from development projects, the most relevant being sometimes lack of strong requirements and inability to plan an output from the start of the project. Moreover, today the economic and political imperatives and pressures are common across the globe. Given the increasing need for external research funding, the role of research administrators in universities or institutions is now more important than ever.  The nature of research management and project administration is changing, and it is becoming more professional.

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  • European IP Helpdesk Upcoming events

    For your information, a list of upcoming events related to IP/IPR is available on the website of the European IP Hepdesk:  

  • Ups and downs of managing an EU project

    Managing an EU funded project can be tricky. You need to be aware of all the rules and obligations, the different reporting schemes depending on each programme, be ready for checks, audits and reviews...

  • Albania and Montenegro release their own Gender Equality Indices

    Two more countries outside the EU, Albania and Montenegro, have released their first Gender Equality Indices, identifying inequalities across the six domains of work, time, money, power, knowledge and...

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  • European Research Area corona Platform

    Website dealing with latest H2020 calls deadlines updates due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Reacting to the Covid-19 crisis, deadlines for some calls are extended to give more time for applicants to prepare...

  • Serbian Project Management Journal

    This is a specialized journal that is to present the most recent knowledge in the fields of project management and other specialized management disciplines. Serbian Project Management Journal maintains...

  • YUPMA - Serbian Project Management Association

    Serbian Project Management Association (YUPMA) was established on December 26th , 1995. The association YUPMA was founded by corporations and individuals persons interested in development of management...

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