Territorial Responsible Research and Innovation Through the involvement of local R&I Actors

The TeRRItoria vision was to tackle a double challenge: to bring RRI to the forefront of the debate for developing local and regional R&I capacities; and to use RRI as a springboard for broadening the number of stakeholders involved in the process of enhancing the regional research and innovation strategies under the framework of S3. The overall objective of the project was to experiment with the adoption of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) approach in European regional and territorial R&I systems. TeRRItoria was based on the idea that RRI approaches, policies and practices, developed so far at the level of research institutions, may be adapted to that of regional and territorial governance. Thus the project contributed to developing what can be called “Territorial RRI” by developing a set of transformative experiments in 5 European selected territories – 4 regions and 1 municipality.

The key objectives were: to introduce concrete and measurable changes in the R&I systems of the 5 above-mentioned territories, so as to make them more inclusive; to introduce concrete and measurable institutional changes in the territorial organisations involved in the project, so that RRI becomes an embedded element of their planning process; to develop a better understanding of how RRI can be adapted at the territorial level and finally to contribute to the enhancement of the Smart Specialisation Strategy process through exploring synergies with RRI.

What is in it for the Western Balkans?

Project partners of TeRRItoria are also involved in the WBC-RRI.NET project and use recommendations developed in the framework of TeRRItoria for the region. For details see Eleftherakis G. and Michali M. (2022) “Recommendations for responsible regional innovation”, South-East European Research Centre (SEERC), Thessaloniki, Greece, doi:10.5281/zenodo.6362133
The report includes recommendations for integrating RRI principles into the design stage of regional innovation policies and S3 (including EDP), for integrating the RRI principles and dimensions into the implementation stage of regional innovation policies and S3, for integrating RRI principles and dimensions into the monitoring and evaluation stage of regional innovation policies and S3 and a set of overall suggestions for RRI integration into regional innovation policies and S3 and for enhancing the sustainability of RRI-driven regional policies and their results.

The report is attached to this entry and available here: https://wbc-rti.info/object/project/22772/attach/Policy_Recommendations_TeRRItoria_SEERC_.pdf

Grant agreement ID: 824565


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February 2019 - February 2022

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