Technology Transfer Capacity Building in the Western Balkans (EU4Tech)

This initiative supports and strengthens the technology transfer and innovation ecosystem in the countries of the Western Balkans (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo*, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia). The project involves all actors operating in the technology transfer and innovation ecosystem ranging from academic institutions to early stage investors to science parks, spin-out companies and policy makers.

The final purpose is to deliver concrete plans for and practical initiatives in support of the technology transfer and research commercialisation ecosystem in the countries of the Western Balkans. This will assist in unlocking the economic benefits of research generated in universities and research centres by transforming research into actual services and products leading to the creation of new companies and employment opportunities and to an increase in economic growth.


Project Components:

Technology Transfer Training and Exchange of Best Practices: Improving the skillset of technology transfer professionals and researchers in the Western Balkans and supporting technology transfer offices from the region to access advice and best practices from the most advanced technology transfer offices in the EU.

Contract research: Identifying capacity for contract research and advisory services by Universities and research centres. It will also generate recommendations for the creation of instruments to accelerate and support industry-academia collaborations e.g. innovation vouchers.

Science Parks and Incubators: Two key outputs: The first will be to develop a strategy for supporting and facilitating the establishment of new science parks and incubators in the region focused on strategic sectors. The second will be to support existing facilities in the region in networking among themselves and with entities in other parts of Europe and beyond through the organisation of a conference focused on exchanging best practices for the establishment and management of Science Parks and Incubation facilities.

Technology Transfer Financial Instruments policy platform: Establishing a platform for the various stakeholders (International Financial Institutions, Local financial Intermediaries, local ministries, Universities, research centres and technology transfer offices) to come together and analyse the challenges and necessary solutions and develop a roadmap for the launch of dedicated technology transfer funds in the region including Proof of Concept.

Investor readiness training and matchmaking: Organisation of two investment fora at which 35 companies from the region will be presented to an international group of at least 20 angel, early stage and VC investors and experts. All companies will receive investment readiness training delivered by experts in advance of the investment fora. The training will be focused on how to present their business proposition and on how to properly address questions and concerns of potential investors.

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January 2017 - December 2019

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