The Research Infrastructures Consortium of NCPs for H2020

The Research Infrastructures Consortium of NCPs for H2020  RICH 2020, the European Network of National Contact Points (NCPs) for Research Infrastructures in Horizon 2020, facilitates transnational cooperation between NCPs, promotes the effective implementation of the RI programme, supports transnational and virtual access to RIs and highlights the opportunities offered by Research Infrastructures - at the European and international level.  

  • Enhance the highly professional support services operating nationally;
  • Promote an equal and consistent level of support services throughout Europe;
  • Promotion of trans-national and virtual access;
  • Synergies with other NCPs networks;
  • Cooperation with other policy and international cooperation oriented measures for research infrastructures;
  • Implement feedback mechanisms (mainly EC, NCPs and coordinators).

By spreading awareness, giving specialist advice, and providing on-the-ground guidance, NCPs ensure that the RI programme becomes known and readily accessible to all potential applicants, irrespective of sector or discipline.

The Network builds on the experience of previous networks of National Contact Points for the Research Infrastructures programme (EuroRIs-Net and EuroRIs-Net+, 2007-2013).

Project type
  • H2020
Country of the coordinating institution
RICH 2020
Geographical focus
  • Danube Macroregion
  • Europe
  • International; Other
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
December 2014 - November 2018

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