Croatian Agency for SMEs, Innovations and Investments


The Croatian Agency for SMEs (HAMAG) is an institution for small business development and promotion, which was created in 2003. The Agency is funded by the state budget, international loan schemes and other sources.

HAMAG has traditionally been the implementing agency only for credit guarantee schemes, while the Ministry of Economy, Labour and Entrepreneurship (MELE) has directly implemented measures of a non-financial nature. Starting from 2007, HAMAG began to take over a number of MELE mainstream programmes: improvement of business support infrastructure (business centres, regional development agencies), entrepreneurship of target groups (youth, start-ups, disabled persons) and support of student cooperatives and student enterprises. In addition to MELE, the Croatian Agency for SMEs is the implementing authority for the 2004 -2008 Development Programme for Small Enterprises.

The Agency’s activities include the promotion of establishment and development of small business entities, financing operation and development of small business entities by loans and guarantees issuing for approved loans by creditors as well as promotion of investments in small business. The Agency’s also provides financial support to innovative and technology-oriented enterprises in Croatia by increasing commercialization of knowledge and awareness about the value of innovations, supporting the transfer of knowledge and technological solutions from the scientific sector to economy, promoting the establishment and development of technology infrastructure and participation in the creation and development of venture capital industry. By supporting the growth and development of SMEs and crafts, it attempts to stimulate Croatia’s economic growth to strengthen the Croatian global competitiveness. The Agency’s activities are within the competence of the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts.

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