Ministry of Education and Science - Bulgaria


The Ministry of Education and Science is a specialized body of the Council of Ministers for the administration of education on the national level. It determines and carries out the government policy in the field of education. The ministry plans activities related to the development of education in long-term programs and operation plans, organizes and coordinates the work of all administrative units and education establishments, and exercises control over all levels and types of schools in the country, including kindergartens and private schools. It interacts with other ministries and state departments in connection with the administration of schools which train specialists in respective spheres (e.g., engineering, mining, agriculture) and also conducts international activities in the field of education. There are 28 school inspectorates set up on a regional level which act as specialized territorial bodies of the Ministry of Education and Science. They exercise planning, coordination, and control functions over the work of the schools on the territory of a particular region. The staff of a regional inspectorate comprises experts in school administration as well as specialists in various academic subjects.

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Phone:+359 2 940 27 70
Address:1 Dondukov Blvd, 1594 Sofia
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