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"The University of Sarajevo descends from a century long tradition of higher education in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sarajevo. The institutional beginnings of higher education are identical to the university tradition of Western Europe. In 1531 Gazi Husrev-beg established the Hanikah, a higher school of Souphey philosophy to which an institution for the study of Islamic Sciences was added in 1537. Here the three disciplines of Classical Catholic Universities were nurtured: theology, law and philosophy and the university also comprised a library. By the end of the 19th century, this institution was the largest institution of learning in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
University of Sarajevo is a large educational system taking into account number of employees (1.640 teachers and assistents and 893 non academic staff) as well as number of students (total 47000). According to current organizational structure it is loose association with many higher education institutions with strong legal identity (23 faculties and academies and other members of the University and associated members)."

Source: UNSA website, as accessed in April 2014.

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