Institute of Social Sciences, Serbia


The Institute of Social Sciences has six scientific research centres (Centre for Demographic Research, Centre for Politicological Research and Public Opinion, Centre for Economic Research, Centre for Legal Research, Centre for Sociological and Anthropological Research and Centre for Philosophy) and a staff of 38 doctoral degree holders and five master’s degree holders.

The work of the Institute is based on the research of basic social phenomena, promoting scientific thinking and developing scientific methodology in the domain of social sciences, professional development of scholars, developing cooperation with professional institutions and organisations, and implementing scientific research results in public policies.

So far, the Institute has: published several hundreds of books and collected papers and thousands of articles and other research papers; conducted complex scientific research projects; organised international and national scientific conferences; developed scientific cooperation at international and national levels; and its staff and associates took active participation in creating and developing public policies.

The Institute has been publishing the journal Stanovništvo [Population] since 1963 and has a library of 140,000 books and professional periodicals.

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