European Alliance for Social Sciences and Humanities


The European Alliance of Social Sciences and Humanities (EASSH) is an association comprised of all actors in the social science and humanities community. EASSH was founded some years ago and at present 28 of the most prestigious European disciplinary associations have joined.

The mission of EASSH is to ensure that research policy supports analytical thinking from the social and human sciences together with natural, medical and technological solutions. Today, it’s the research in finance, legal frameworks, social policies, arts, education, and democracy that needs to be included in the Science and Technology debate more efficiently. For that a change of mindset of policy makers is needed.

SSH research is the source of innovative approaches to society, alternative solutions to emerging challenges and the solid ground for tomorrow’s professionals. The analytical approach – not just problem solving – of our disciplines is fundamental to preserve a society which aims at its wellbeing. Yet, funding cuts in research strategies tend to target SSH research, which has already the smallest budget compared to the hard sciences.

EASSH recognises that in this discussion the first and foremost stakeholder is the research community.  EASSH therefore invites all participants in the social science and humanities community to join the association and contribute to the research policy discussion not only at the European level but at national level too.

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