Macedonian Center for Energy Efficiency (MACEF)


MACEF is a multi-disciplinary consultancy association providing intellectual, technical and project management support services in the energy and environmental fields nationally and worldwide. MACEF holds stake in the design of the energy policy and energy sector and energy resources development planning process. It is also involved in promoting scientific achievements on the efficient use of resources, and helps develop strategies and implement action plans for energy efficiency (EE) on the local self-government level and beyond. The Center unites engineers, investors, ecologists and economists in joint actions towards influencing executive policy-makers at the governmental level to increase the level of EE and help mitigate climate changes. This process enables a thorough cooperation and exchange of experience between related foreign organisations as well as better accessibility to consulting organisations for recruiting their services and experts for international or regional projects.

  • Association/NGO
Republic of North Macedonia
Geographical focus
  • Republic of North Macedonia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Natural Sciences

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