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Helvetas, an international network of independent affiliate member organisations, is working in the fields of development cooperation and emergency response. We promote the fundamental  rights  of  individuals  and  groups  and  strengthen governments and other duty bearers in their service provision, building upon six decades of development experience. With 1600 collaborators in about 30 countries, of whom 1400 are national staff, the network members share a common vision and mission and subscribe to common working principles and policies. We jointly implement development programmes  and  adhere  to  a  common  strategy,  working approaches and thematic areas of intervention. In Switzerland, Helvetas is structured as  an  association  of  100,000  members  and  donors and has offices in Zürich, Bern, Geneva and Balerna

We support poor and disadvan­taged women, men and commu­nities in developing and transition

countries in their efforts to improve their living conditions. Through development cooperation, we support women and men in improving their livelihoods themselves in a sustainable manner.

We promote equitable access to the resources and services necessary for life and thus contribute

to overcoming the root causes of poverty. We uphold the protection and promotion of social, economic, political, environmental and cultural rights and responsibilities and seek to ensure their practical implementation. We support our partners in engaging in development policy issues.

We advocate for a coherent swiss foreign and economic policy, responsive to the needs of men and women in developing and transition countries.   

We accompany and support our partners on a long­term basis.

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