Pomurje Technology Park, Slovenia

Pomurski Technology Park is designing a range of economy infrastructure and advanced services with the main goal of co-founding new companies, and establishing help in the growth and operation of existing companies that will contribute to bigger competitiveness, high quality workplaces, and the modernization of the economic structure in the region.  With new infrastructure and support services, Park raises the region’s innovation environment level that enables the development of anchor companies that are based on higher added value, and an environment that will represent a development generator junction as well as better access to knowledge, research results, new technologies and other advanced services.
Business model of growing number of companies is focused on the rental of premises, which will enable greater flexibility of adapting costs to fluctuations of new business, use of credit potential for the development and with that increased competitiveness in the market. In Technology Park is, next to the rental of premises for flexible lease terms, cooperation between tenants increasingly coming to the forefront – mutual help with knowledge and experience, business integration and acquisition of key information, which is the basis to enter into new business.
Pomurje Technology Park has its own Startup Center and Innovation Center. Startup Center provides programmes and consultancy services to the all phases of company development. Innovation center is focused on research and development as the park had its own Research & Development Team which is registered as a research organization at the Slovenian Research Agency. R&D unit plans, implements, verifies and validates tasks according to the program. Research and development activities within the research groups are usually implemented together with partner research institutions and companies.

Key highlights:

  • Pomurska region based technology center
  • Member of Initiative Start:up Slovenia
  • Focusing on informatics, telecommunication, food sector
  • Research & Development Unit 

Organisation’s programmes:

  • Startup Geek House programme
  • Business Planning Center
  • Startup Mentor programme
  • Master of Startups
  • 1:1 mentoring programme
  • Entering foreign accelerators 

Statement: Technology Park is an organization with supportive and stimulating business environment for the development of technology entrepreneurship. By providing its members with the necessary infrastructure, services, target oriented trainings, mentorship and promotion, it motivates entrepreneurial potential in the region and assists in the realisation of entrepreneurial initiatives with high levels of knowledge and market potential. Besides the credibility enjoyed by the regional community institution offers the following comprehensive business support: Start:up Center (infrastructure, equipment, accelerator & mentoring programme, consulting services), Innovation Center (Development of new products, services and technologies), Invest in Pomurje (soft landing programme for foreign companies starting business in the region) and Preparation & implementation of EU projects.” – Marko Močnik
  • Company
Contact details
E-Mail: info@p-tech.si
Phone:+386 (02) 530 82 00
Address:Plese 9a , 9000 Murska Sobota
Geographical focus
  • Slovenia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Engineering and Technology

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