Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia - Electronic and electrical engineering association


The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia (CCI) represents the business community, provides support and advice to companies as well as a full range of professional services aimed at strengthening competitiveness of its members. This blend of features and functions assists the economic growth of Slovenia.

CCI of Slovenia is an independent, non-profit organisation founded pursuant to a special Slovenian law, with compulsory membership (more than 65,000 members) for all enterprises that perform business activities and are registered in Slovenia. It is the successor to the Chamber of Trade and Industry of Kranjsko, founded in 1850.

The main tasks of the CCI are to:

  • Represent member companies and look after their vital interests
  • Provide expert information and professional support
  • Serve the business community by performing other tasks entrusted to it by government

Fields of business activity:

  • Expertise in:
    • foreign trade policies and procedures
    • business environment and current economic policy
    • global economic trend
    • compilation and dissemination of statistical data and information
    • identifying business opportunities and making contacts
    • market data and research
  • Trade and investment promotion through:
    • trade fair participation, organisation of trade missions and business contracts
    • promotion of foreign direct investment in addition the CCI issues
    • trade documents: Certificates of Origin, ATA-Carnets, licences, etc.
    • publications and promotional materials
  • Advisory services in the field of:
    • corporate legislation
    • labour/industrial relations and collective agreements
    • international economic co-operation
    • EU legislative framework and practice
    • technological development and environmental protection
    • quality assurance and control
    • economic system and policy
  • Education and training:
    • job training schemes and other forms and professional training
    • organisation of courses and seminars
    • professional examinations and certification of qualification
  • The Court of Honour
    • promotes best practice and high principles of business ethics and professional morals.
  • The Permanent Court of Arbitration
    • mediates and decides domestic and international disputes arising from contractual relations in cases voluntarily submitted to its jurisdiction.


  • Information Technology Centre
  • Business Information Point
    (Information on Slovenian companies, business environment and opportunities)
  • Department for European Affairs
  • International Cooperation Department
  • Trade Documentation Department
  • Legal Department
  • Economic Outlook and Policy Services
  • Education and Training Department
  • Technology Development Department
  • Environmental Protection Department

Branch Associations

Business and industry associations put forward proposals and initiatives in relation to legislation and business environment in the respective sector of the economy. They represent vital interests of employers in negotiations with trade unions and government, and they play a pro-active role in all activities where business and development issues are at stake. The associations provide professional consulting services and are actively involved in the promotion of Slovenia beyond its borders. Building the image of Slovenia abroad is also a powerful stimulus to corporate growth and a boost to international competitiveness.

Electronics and Electrical Engineering Association

Electronics and Electrical Engineering Association (CCI - EEEA) is one of the CCI associations. In compliance with the Companies Act each economic subject predominantly engaged in the industrial production of electrical, electronic and optical products has to be a member of the CCI - EEEA. Members of the Association can also become those economic subjects whose electrical and electronics production is only their secondary activity yet they remain linked with the electronics and electrical engineering industry through production. Involved in the Association are also organisations active in the fields of research, development and vocational training.

Pursuant to the law on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia all economic operators whose main activity is manufacturing in the field of electronic and electrical engineering as well as optical equipment automatically become members of the EEEA. Research, development and educational institutions are also involved in the work of the Association for the benefit of mutual interests in the manufacturing industry of electronic and electrical products.

EEEA is Member of Orgalime - Liaison Group of the European Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic and Metalworking industries, Bruxelles

EEEA has been involved in environmental issues for several years, especially in the field of WEEE and RoHS and latterly EuP.

  • Government/Ministry
Geographical focus
  • Slovenia
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General

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