Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences


The Research Center was formed in January 2012 in the framework of consolidation procedure of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with the merger of three academic institutes. The Institute of Economics, the Institute for World Economy and the Institute of Regional Studies remain independent in their scientific activities. They continue to fulfil their public tasks as defined in the Deed of Foundation at the highest scientific level.

The Institute of Economics, the Institute of World Economics and the Institute for Regional Studies maintaining their research autonomy are aiming to conclude their public tasks detailed in the statutes with the highest profficiency possible.

The basic activity of the Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, consisting of the Institute of Economics, the Regional Research Institute and the Institute of World Economics, is the scientific analysis of the Hungarian economy, the international economic and political environment, and of economics in general. The Centre undertakes theoretical and empirical studies in the fields of national and world economics, in regional processes and in other interdisciplinary areas of the Social Sciences. The Centre publishes and promotes new research results, develops the scientific tools needed for research and also the databases appropriate and necessary for economic and regional research projects. It formulates conclusions and recommendations for policy matters, develops and participates in Master and PhD university training programmes and in the development of the curricula relevant to the areas of science in which the Centre operates.

By unifying excellence in research, authenticity in science, and a commitment to society, the institute network of the Academy is set to produce values for both national and international success in Hungarian and universal science. Building on our national research traditions, being part of the only full-time research institute network in Hungary, our primary aim is to play a fundamental role in promoting the common weal and in building the foundation for our future through valuable scientific achievements based on highly promising discovery research.

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