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BSC Bar was founded in 2007 through the project of opening of business centers and incubators 2007-2010 . The project was funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands was conducted by the Dutch NGO SPARK . As part of the same project similar centers in Bitola (Macedonia ), Kragujevac ( Serbia ) , Pristina and Mitrovica (Kosovo ) were established. BSC Bar is part of this regional network and it collaborates with other centers at the regional level .

In the year 2009 in order to achieve sustainability if the Center project management was transferred to local partners who in October of the same year registered the Foundation Business Start Center Bar. Founders BSC Bar are seven institutions :

Municipality of Bar ,
Faculty of Tourism Bar ,
High School of Economics,
Cultural Center,
Employment Agency of Montenegro, Bureau Bar
Montenegro Business Alliance and
Association of entrepreneurs of Bar

Mission of BSC Bar to its support the creation of an enabling environment for economic growth through the creation of small and medium-sized enterprises .

The goals that guide us are to:

1. Facilitate the creation and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises in Montenegro and to increase employment ;
2. Support the development of the education system to better meet the needs of the labor market ;
3. Influence the reduction of business barriers with our programs;
4. Provide easier access to financial capital for start-ups;
5. Influence the strengthening of institutional support for SMEs.
Particular attention is paid to the inclusion of young people, women, minorities and vulnerable groups in our programs.

The BSC Bar in 2010 opened Business incubator with aim to support the development of start- up businesses in the municipality of Bar . The incubator space is contributed by The Municipality of Bar and it is used for development of entrepreneurship. The current capacity of incubator is 34 spaces for start up businesses, a conference room and 2 meeting rooms. The above mentioned facilities start- up businesses can use under favorable conditions for the first 3 to 5 years of their business, after which they need to leave incubator and to start working on free market.

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