Southeastern European Association of Economic Institutes


SEEA is international organization with aim to: promote economic researches in the Southeastern Europe; Foster networking and regional cooperation among the members institutes; Develop joint research programs; Organize joint scientific conferences, round tables and meetings on national, regional and international level; Provide publishing papers in the quality, easy accessible widely recognized publication; Increase member institutes competitiveness and capabilities through joint appearance on the various calls for national, regional and international projects; Exchange the know-how of the member institutes across border; Promote the mobility of the researchers, as well as other resources among the member institutes, etc.

Southeastern Europe Association of Economic Institutes (SEEA) been established in 4th May 2012 in the Economic Institute Skopje where all members have signed a Charter document. SEEA members are: Institute of Economics, Banja Luka, Institute of Economics, Sarajevo; The Institute of Economics, Zagreb, Zagreb; Institute of Economic-Skopje; Institute for Economic Research, Ljubljana and Institute of Economic Sciences, Belgrade; Faculty of Economics, Podgorica. The new members should meet the following criteria: 1. To be able to substantially contribute to the SEEA in regard to the economic researches; and 2. To have capacity (time, know-how and staffing) to participate in SEEA.

Having expressed the common aspiration to establish and develop close cooperation in research and higher education, the SEEA members agree to cooperate, jointly or alternatively, in joint research projects and exchange of academic staff and students as well as exchange information on matters of common interest, specified hereinafter.

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