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At the beginning of November 2007, was able to access the database of the European Commission for information on the participation of the Western Balkan countries in the first calls of FP7 and also obtained an update just before publishing this table in December 2007.
It became clear that not all data on closed calls had been entered in the database, as evaluation proceedures are still ongoing and figures change almost daily. But some conclusions can still be drawn. The table focuses on the number of proposals submitted and the success rate for applicants (note that usually the number of applicants from one country is higher than the number of proposals submitted). Further data can be provided, please contact

Serbia’s incredibly strong and successful participation in the ‘RegPot Call’ is clearly visible and shows the potential of joint mobilisation.
Croatia, on the other hand, was more active in the ‘Cooperation’ part of FP7. Experience from other countries shows that there is a steep learning courve and association to the Framework Programme will hopefully show the expected performance increase.
If possible, further updates of these statistics will be obtained in Brussels. (ed)

Article published in eJournal fall/winter 2007.

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