News archive - FP7 Food-Agriculture-Fisheries-Biotechnology: Call for proposals 2A launched

The currently open call in the field does not specifically target the region of the Western Balkan countries, but according to the FP7 rules all Associated Countries can participate on equal grounds as the Member States and also institutes from other countries can participate as additional partners if relevant to the research projects. So, FP7-KBBE-2007-2A is relevant for all of you dealing with the field FAFB. The call was opened on June 15, 2007 (deadline stage 1: September 11, 2007 and February 19, 2008 stage 2 only for proposals retained at stage 1).

Find the call text attached and further information on CORDIS.

For those of you located in an International Cooperation Partner Country (ICPC = those WBC not associated yet to the framework programme) the following topics are of special interest:

  • KBBE-2007-1-3-09: Neglected zoonoses in developing countries: integrated approach for the improvement of their control in animals, Large collaborative project - SICA, ICPC
  • KBBE-2007-2-5-05: Reduce contamination by mycotoxins in the food and feed chain, Large collaborative project - SICA, ICPC
  • KBBE-2007-1-1-05: Using new technologies to identify (re-) emerging pathogens from wildlife reservoirs, Large collaborative project, All Third Countries, including ICPC
  • KBBE-2007-1-2-15: Reducing the utilisation of mineral fertilisers by improving the efficiency of nutrient use in European crops, Large collaborative project, ICPC
  • KBBE-2007-2-5-04: Sustainability of the food chain, Large collaborative project, Third countries, especially ICPC

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Modified on June 25, 2007