News archive - Event Announcment: Climate Change in South Eastern Europe

The workshop "Climate Change in South-Eastern European Countries III: Causes, Impacts, Solutions" will take place on September 18-19, 2008 in Graz, Austria. Contributions by interested researchers are requested to be sent by July 28, 2008.

The objectives of the workshop are specifically:

 to strengthen and improve the multidisciplinary approach to climate change related issues
to generate ideas for joint research projects
* to meet potential research partners

Workshop topics include:

* Causes of climate change impacts

- Which meteorological extreme events do we expect to increase in SEE?
- Which patterns of land use change do contribute to the severity of hydrological extremes?

* Impacts on ecological and (socio-)economic systems and vulnerability assessment

- Which of the extreme events (e. g. Droughts, Floods, Forest fires, Windthrows, Erosion, etc.) have the most severe impacts on the landscape in SEE?
- What are the mid- and long-term impacts on ecology?
- Which of the ecological and environmental problems in SEE will be aggravated by climate change?
- Which regions and economic sectors are most vulnerable to climate change?
- Are the climate change impacts likely to hit poor citizens more severely?

* Solutions for adaptation and mitigation

- Which technical adaptation options are feasible and necessary?
- Which economic and financial instruments are suitable for the most vulnerable regions and economic sectors to adapt to climate change?
- Are there new appropriate technical mitigation options (e. g. carbon capture and storage, algae, etc.) for which SEE has comparative advantages?
- What are the future climate policy options (Post- Kyoto) in SEE (e. g. domestic offset projects, green investment schemes, joint implementation, clean development mechanism, emissions trading, etc.)?
- Which synergies between adaptation and mitigation policies should be exploited (e. g. meeting the future heating and cooling energy demand by carbon neutral technology, afforestation/reforestation and flood prevention, etc.)?
- Which sustainability criteria need to be considered for biomass production systems?

For participation, researchers are encouraged to prepare either or both ...

 Abstracts for presentations for this year's workshop's topics
Proposals / outlines of ideas for joint research projects (for the purpose of coordination)

... by July 28, 2008 to (Cornelia Sterner).

Abstracts for presentations and proposals / outlines of ideas will be selected and coordinated in order to ensure appropriate coverage of topics and ideas at the workshop.

For organisational requirements please contact Ms. Cornelia Sterner at or visit our webpage


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