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UNDP informs that the second edition of the Donor Mapping Report has been published and a renewed Donor Coordination Forum website has been launched. Education is covered in one of the chapters and some projects in higher education and research cooperation area also mentioned in the report.

The Donor Mapping Report enumerates donor-supported activities in ten sectors and provides an analytical overview of how these funds contribute to sectoral reforms. In addition, each chapter maps existing government strategies and donor coordination mechanisms. Although the analysis focuses on 2007 contributions, projections for 2008 and beyond ensure the continued relevance of this document.

Accompanying the Report is a website (, which is the electronic background for donor coordination work in BiH. The website contains the latest sector-by-sector donor map as well as useful links for agencies working in these areas. In addition, users can obtain information about more than 800 ongoing and planned donor-financed projects through the online database. Other tools, such as the Roster of Consultants, all aim to assist donors' work and coordination efforts.

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Aris Seferovic, UN Coordination Analyst ( or Gyongyver Jakab, PFM/Aid Coordination Specialist (

Source: Balkans-mailing-list

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