News archive - WBC-INCO.NET: Results of the survey on market and research innovation needs

This deliverable outlines the results of a survey conducted as part of the WBC-INCO.NET project initiative to support innovation capacities in the WB region. The survey aimed to pinpoint both present and likely future research and market needs, as well as identify possibilities for collaboration in the region.

Executive Summary

The survey was carried out in two rounds, the second building on the results of the first. Two questionnaires were jointly designed by JRC-IPTS and Ivo Pilar. These addressed consecutively market and research stakeholders.

Questionnaires aimed to identify research and innovation needs both of today and in the future in order to support the design of a joint action plan for the region towards 2030.

A dedicated workshop shall take place in the near future with both industry and research regional stakeholders. The aim is to refine and complement the findings presented in this report based upon a mutual appreciation of different viewpoints and expectations.

The identified potential needs for the region to be further considered in order to trigger joint innovation are related to:

  • Investments in knowledge and technology sharing, expert consultations and collaborative research
  • Decrease in regulation
  • Strengthen human resources capacities
  • Improve infrastructures (including ICT)
  • Build awareness on innovation benefits
  • Foster mobility
  • Enhance communication between different stakeholders

These seems to be all critical to increase mutual understanding, support the identification of common interests, build mutual appreciation and achieve at a joint agenda. Finally, potential research topics to be further considered in the region to trigger joint innovation are: 

  • Environment surveillance through ICTs
  • Automation of information management systems through artificial intelligence and agent based software
  • New approaches and frameworks to enhance FDI and cross-regional investments in the region

Please refer to the document attached below.

Geographical focus
  • Western Balkans

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