News archive - [Event Announcement] 15th International Eco-Conference / 9th Eco-Conference on Environmental Protection of Urban and Suburban Settlements

The Eco-Conference® taking place in Novi Sad, Serbia, September 21-24, 2011 is organized in order to:
- Provide objective views (avoiding under - or overestimating) on causes/agents causing environmental disbalance and levels of ecological threats to urban and suburban environment.
- Provide valuable information-communication basis for developing mid-term and long-term strategic programmes for (a) integral environment protection, (b) commodity quality protection, (c) assessment of life quality and (d) promoting and supporting the concept and practice of sustainable development.
Consequently, each Eco-Conference® is a multi-dimensional event, in which scientists and experts of various profiles present and discuss numerous aspects of living and working conditions.

Papers submitted for the Eco-Conference® may target any topic within the Conference’s general thematic framework:
a) Physical components of urban environment related to places of work, residence and recreational activities:
- Air, water, soil, biosphere-biota
- Noise, vibrations, radiation, light
b) Social components of urban environment:
- Socio-economic position, security, employment, civil rights concerning work, education, retirement
- Cultural-spiritual values, heritage, traditional craft
- Security challenges and community support to the family as the basic social unit
In view of the expansion of industrial civilization, intense urbanization, demographic changes, economic turbulence in transitional societies, the Eco-Conference® focuses on causes and consequences of environmental degradation, as well as on protection measures, agents and activities, improvements and good practices.
The general thematic framework stresses the fact that there are no borders preventing the chaineffects of environmental degradation and also covers the problems related to processing industries (chemical, oil, textile, leather, metal, cellulose...)

Deadline for submission of papers: 10th June 2011

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