News archive - Mobility Programme Sarajevo - Zagreb - Vienna for managers in regional cooperation (Task Force BHC)

The Task Force Fostering and Building Human Capital (BHC) proposes to organise short term placements at key institutions working in the area of cooperation for building human capital. An interesting opportunity to visit three cities within three months (Vienna - Austria, Zagreb - Croatia, Sarajevo - Bosnia and Herzegovina) and to get a grant of 1000 Euro/month. 

This Mobility Programme will be based on short-term placements at key institutions and networks in the area of cooperation for building human capital. It should provide partner ministries with impulses and possibilities for a sustainable development of capacities, possibilities and know-how of relevance for their obligations in regional cooperation.

The programme will be initially implemented in a pilot-phase through grants provided by the Austrian Co-Chairmanship of the Task Force, and will be cooperatively supported by the seconding and receiving partner institutions. A decision on the continuation and possible modifications of the programme could be taken towards the end of the pilot-phase, and in time for a full scale implementation in the year 2009.

The selected persons will have the opportunity to visit three cities within three months. Three people should be selected in the initial phase and if possible the placements could begin already in October.
A grant of 1000 Euro/month will be available, additionally travel costs will be covered.

Eligible Countries/Institutions:

  •     Albania: Ministry of Education and Science
  •     Bosnia and Herzegovina: Ministry of Civil Affairs
  •     Moldova: Ministry of Education and Youth
  •     Montenegro: Ministry of Education and Science
  •     Serbia: Ministry of Education; Ministry of Science and Technological Development
  •     UNMIK/Kosovo: Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

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Modified on August 11, 2008