POLICY ANSWERS Research Infrastructure Ambassador at the 2nd ESFRI Stakeholder Forum

The 2nd ESFRI Stakeholder Forum Meeting took place on 27 September in Tenerife, Spain. This is an annual event, organised under the Spanish EU Presidency, that brings together a diverse range of participants, including research infrastructures (RIs), decision-makers, policymakers, municipalities, socio-economic actors, industry, research organizations, and higher education institutions. The primary aim of this Forum is to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, thereby contributing to the overall impact and long-term sustainability of Research Infrastructures.

The POLICY ANSWERS project has successfully identified and rewarded five esteemed Research Infrastructure Ambassadors to develop, together with them, a platform dedicated to promoting the importance of Research Infrastructures for the Western Balkans. The primary objective of this regional platform is twofold: firstly, to enhance the visibility of ongoing efforts and activities related to RI development in the WBs, and secondly, to facilitate improved access to all potential sources for their funding. The selection of the RI Ambassadors was conducted based on a thematic grouping approach, focusing on the following domains: 1) Agri-Food, 2) Health&Biotechnology, 3) Digital, 4) Social Science and 5) Green&Digital and Financial&Governence.  The appointed RI Ambassadors for these domains are: 1) Vesna Bengin (BioSense Institute) - Agri-Food 2)  Smiljana Krivokca (Government of Serbia) - Health&Biotechology, Arjan Xhelaj (RASH - The Academic Network of Albania) - Digital, Nenad Celarevic (Helvetas, Serbia) - Social Science, Almir Badnjevic (Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange of Bosnia and Herzegovina -IDDEEA) - Green&Digital and Finanical&Governence.

The second ESFRI Stakeholder Forum Metting primarily focused on three key areas of significance: Funding, Access, and Industry and Interaction with Technology Infrastructures. A dedicated session has been arranged to encourage dialogue and address questions pertaining to these three essential topics, with a specific emphasis on how they should be incorporated into the next European Commission Work Programme 2025-2027 and the new Framework Programme.

We are pleased to announce the participation of the POLICY ANSWERS Project in this significant event, represented by the Research Infrastructure Ambassador, Professor Almir Badnjevic. Professor Badnjevic, who was appointed to cover also the topic of Financial & Governance, actively contributed to the discussions on these topics, which are of particular relevance to the Western Balkans.

Following the discussions, Professor Almir Badnjevic will prepare a concise report summarising the key points and outcome of the session. This report will help disseminate valuable insights and perspectives gained during the forum's deliberations. We look forward to the contributions and outcomes of this important event.

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