Quarterly Review of academic literature on R&I focuses on investing in R&I for recovery

The European Commission has publishes its Quarterly Review of academic literature on research and innovation for the third quarter of 2020. This edition of the review presents recent papers that highlight the multifaceted role, dynamics and policies related to R&I investments in times of crisis, but also in the aftermath of a crisis, as key drivers of prosperity, sustainability and wellbeing.

A wide range of instruments can support public interventions on R&I and several papers in this review show interesting insights on those, such as: the effectiveness of both direct funding and R&D tax incentives in increasing business R&D, and the complementarity between these two approaches; the spatial perspective on the relationship between innovation and wellbeing; how social sciences can provide evidence for policy making around the European Green Deal; or the importance to consider R&D in light of education subsidies.

Original news: https://era.gv.at/object/news/5570

Geographical focus
  • European Union (EU 28)
  • WBC
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary

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