News archive - Policy Brief on The EU’s global response to the COVID-19 crisis with a focus on the Eastern Neighbourhood and Africa

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a global crisis, which can ultimately only be dealt with globally. The European Union has therefore put together a package of measures for partner countries to provide them with rapid and targeted support in combating the Corona crisis. The authors of the current Austrian Society for European Politics Policy Brief analyze the role of the EU as a global player in times of the corona pandemic, with a focus on Africa and the countries of the Eastern Partnership, including Western Balkan countries and formulate recommendations for action.

The Policy Brief was written by Philipp Brugner, Klaus SchuchVienna, 03 June 2020 from Austrian Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) and propose following policy recommendations:

  1. The EU is committing large amounts of money to combat the COVID-19 crisis, also at international level. Yet, one lesson it has to learn is to effectively improve coordination in the field of health related issues and professionalize its public relations.
  2. European leaders must continue to take strong actions in favour of our neighbouring partners. In today’s situation, in which COVID-19 wreaks havoc in the Union’s fragile eastern and southern surroundings, and in which multilateralism is at a serious risk to further deteriorate exactly when it is most needed, hibernation is not an option for Europe’s external engagement efforts.
  3. The EU has reacted quickly at the science front, but now it needs to secure its financial contribution to the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership under Horizon Europe, the next European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.


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