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North Macedonia is currently a candidate country of the EU, awaiting opening accession negotiations.

The EU is the largest provider of financial assistance to North Macedonia providing

  • €1.25 billion in EU pre-accession funds 2007-2020
  • €749 billion provided in European Investment Bank loans since 1999
  • €180.1 million provided since 2009 in Western Balkans Investment Framework grants, leveraging investments of estimated €2.1 billion.

When it comes to the performance of Macedonian RTDI organisations in H2020, 708 organisations (one organisation participating in N proposals is counted N times) applied for the Horizon 2020 grants with 11.11% success rate. In total, 88 organisations were involved in 65 grant agreements in total. 11 SME organisations received Seal of Excellence that is awarded to all high quality proposals under H2020 SME Instrument, which are above the quality threshold but cannot be awarded under the available budget. There were 10 SMEs participating in H2020 projects (one organisation participating in N proposals is counted N times).

There were four organisations funded under Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions (one organisation participating in N proposals is counted N times).

Net EU contribution awarded to Macedonian organisations was EUR 9.27  mio. North Macedonia is ranked 9 (out of 16 Associated Countries), when it comes to participation level, and 8 (out of 16 Associated Countries) when it comes to budget share.

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