News archive - [Document Announcement] Horizon 2020 projects accelerating energy renovation investments in buildings

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) has published in November 2019 a report with a country-by-country overview of key public and private schemes identified across the EU to stimulate more energy efficiency investments in residential, commercial and public buildings. A number of Horizon 2020 energy efficiency projects have been presented in this publication.

The publication features innovative financing solutions such as on-tax repayment models which are currently rolled out under the H2020 EuroPACE project, standardised energy efficiency mortgages developed under the H2020 EeMAP project, energy savings insurance model tested under the H2020 ESI project, and a forfaiting fund for re-financing deep renovations of multi-family buildings (Latvian Baltic Energy Efficiency Facility) developed under the H2020 SUNSHINE project. 

The report also highlights some one-stop-shop solutions that exist across Europe and makes particular reference to the Rhodoshop Programme Development Unit in Bulgaria developed under the H2020 Rhodoshop project, the Ile-de-France Energies for deep retrofit of residential buildings in France and the Energy Investment Unit at Cambridgeshire County Council for public buildings in the UK, both set up under the Intelligent Energy Europe projects Energies Posit’IF and L-CIF respectively. 

You can download the report here.

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