News archive - [Event Review] EBRAINS - New enabling infrastructure for neuroscience, 25 November 2019 Heidelberg, Germany

The Human Brain Project’s unique goal is to interconnect computer science, medicine and neuroscience to accelerate the understanding of the human brain and its diseases, and to harness that knowledge to the benefit of society.

To achieve this, the Project has built EBRAINS - the world’s first integrated ICT infrastructure for brain research and development, offering growing capabilities in neuroinformatics, brain simulation, medical informatics, neuromorphic computing and neurorobotics, underpinned by high-performance analytics and computing.

At the event on 25 November 2019 in Heidelberg, Germany EBRAINS was introduced with an overview of interdisciplinary efforts for the advance of digital neuroscience, presented by HBP leadership and experts. The event was open to the entire scientific community.

The talks, as well as the Q&A session were web streamed. Watch a replay of the stream here.

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