News archive - In the light of H2020 and IPA, the University of Niš (Serbia) Commenced the Initiative “OKUPIMO PAMET“

The University of Niš, together with the City of Niš, and the city’s Diaspora department ceremonially announced the commencement of the long-term initiative “OKUPIMO PAMET” aimed at networking academics and practitioners who originate from or have an interest in collaboration with South and Central Serbia. The opening event took place at the big hall of the University of Niš on March 20, 2014, with the participation of 216 interested individual stakeholders. The Chancellor, Prof. dr Dragan Antić, addressed the event, and the early “OKUPIMO PAMET” web portal was presented to the audience.

The “OKUPIMO PAMET“ initiative is aimed at mobilizing south and central Serbian intellectual capacities and networking them with the relevant peers in Diaspora through an innovative social networking web tool, which would facilitate exchange of experiences, ideas, knowhow, and, ultimately, would lead to project collaboration opportunities. The ultimate goal of the initiative is to improve and increase both the quality and quantity of European project proposals involving the south Serbian stakeholders, in collaboration with the Diaspora peers across the continent.

Considering the above said, the University of Niš gladly invites all the interested academics and/or practitioners to register to the “OKUPIMO PAMET” web portal at: (in Serbian) and help us develop a solid base of expertise for the future project initiatives for the benefit of all the involved stakeholders, south and central Serbia.

The currently registered 103 members of the “OKUPIMO PAMET” portal await further peers to bring the brighter future to the region.

Register at: (in Serbian)

For any further inquiry about the initiative you may contact us at:

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