News archive - Mobilising the ICT Coalition for Action on Smart Specialisation (Registration will be closed on Monday, June 18)

A Coalition for Action (CfA) on ICT was formed in Brussels earlier in 2012 year and is designed to bring together Regional ICT leaders, ICT Innovation Centers and ICT Entrepreneurs across Europe to collaborate to develop the next generation of ICT solutions, within Europe, and for the benefit of Europeans. This Coalition is still in its early days of formulation and through this meeting the organisers want to establish the next steps.

With a specific focus on the emerging funding programmes of Smart Specialization Strategies and Horizon 2020, the ICT Coalition for Action is now evolving to bring together key stakeholders that will collaborate to pursue projects and investments that will enable the realization of Regional Innovation and Economic Growth Strategies through the development and application of ICT's.

You are invited to be a stakeholder in the evolution of this CfA by participating in a Workshop to be held in Brussels the day before the prestigious Digital Agenda Assembly. Many of you may already be planning to visit the DAA and the addition of this meeting will only bring further value to your trip.


If you cannot make it to this workshop please register your interest on the website below, as we will be organizing a range of national and international events to support the continued evolution of this community for action.Registration will be closed on Monday, 18th June at 17.00


Further information is available here:

European Commission – DG Information Society & Media, 25 Avenue Beaulieu - OS1 Building, 1160 Brussels, Belgium

Geographical focus
  • European Union (EU 27)
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Natural Sciences

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