Pojačalo Podcasts

"Our mission is to educate and motivate entrepreneurs, and those who want to become one."

Who is behind "Pojačalo" (Amplifier) Podcast?

The team behind the podcast consists of entrepreneurs, accountants, lawyers, managers, salespeople, marketers, designers, psychologists, writers, photographers, and much more. Creatives, leaders, operatives, individuals or outstanding team players. But above all, they see themselves as builders who always try not to lose sight of the goal that united them.

And that goal is to "repair" the world little by little, starting with ourselves and our environment.

Why are they called "Amplifier"?

An amplifier is an electronic device whose task is to increase the strength of the input signal.

That's why the team decided that the place on the Internet where knowledge and experience are selflessly shared with everyone who may need it, is called exactly that.

They believe that everyone who comes to the podcast will leave stronger and better. That he will acquire new knowledge, tools and contacts, get concrete information and solutions for his doubts and problems, and be encouraged to embark on an adventure called entrepreneurship or persevere, if he is on that path.

Why do they do it?

They do this because they know how hard it is to try to create something out of nothing, and how hard it is to find the motivation to keep going until a positive outcome is tangibly close.

They believe that knowledge is multiplied by sharing, and that it is best to lead by personal example.

Find more info about Pojačalo on their website.

*The Podcast is in local language

Geographical focus
  • General/no specific focus
  • Serbia
  • Western Balkans
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