Webinar: Lump sum in Horizon Europe

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January 31, 2023
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"Lump sum funding is increasingly used in Horizon Europe to make the programme simpler by removing the need to report actual costs and reduce the financial error rate.

Lump sum funding is a concept to simplify the funding mechanism while all the main features of the research funding stay the same; therefore easier to use for small beneficiaries with no or limited experience, such as SMEs with only a few projects over the programme. Common understanding of lump sum funding still needs to be improved as there are still many misunderstandings, such as higher financial risk, less flexibility in grant management, and that the partially completed lump sum projects and work packages will not be paid – which are NOT TRUE! "


The 60-minute webinar will cover the following topics:  

  • Main features of lump sum funding in Horizon Europe 

  • The use lump sum funding across HE pillars – showcasing open topics 

  • How to define lump sum in your proposal: introduction the lump sum budget table 

  • Evaluation of lump sum proposals 

  • Grant preparation of your lump sum projects, including tips for the Consortium Agreement 

  • How to implement your lump sum project? Potential changes in your project. 

  • Key steps of lump sum reporting and payments.  

Why participate?  

The organizers have 20+ years of experience in developing and implementing projects under the EU's research framework programmes. Under Horizon 2020, they have been involved successfully in over 30 projects, coordinating six of them. Under the first work programmes of Horizon Europe, they are currently involved in seven collaborative projects, coordinating one of them.

This event has been designed based their our direct hands-on experience with EU research and innovation proposals and is, therefore, 100% practice driven.  

Who is this webinar for?  

This webinar is recommended for those, regardless of experience, who want to learn about the fundamentals of lump sum funding in HE and are planning to apply for a lump sum topic in the future. 

Who they are

Europa Media has been supporting public and private organisations to develop successful project proposals and effectively manage projects under the EU's research and innovation programmes since FP5. Over the past 20+ years, the team has been directly involved in writing successful proposals and coordinating and managing projects under different EU programmes. Under Horizon 2020, they have been involved in over 30 projects as coordinators and partners. Their workshops and seminars are designed based on the direct experience they have from own proposals and projects - discuss and reflect on many specific problems during these events. They are, therefore, quite hands-on with real-life examples and stories. This practical approach has attracted over 10,000 participants from all over the world in the past 17 years. 

Want to know more about lump sum? 

 Join the half-day online course on 14th February to get more advanced insights from the trainers, Krisztina and Ömer. 

Lump sum proposals and projects - How do they work in practice?

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