PIT Adria Summit 2022

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December 1-2, 2022
Bosnia and Herzegovina
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The Foreign Trade Chamber of Bosnia and Herzegovina informs the business community that on 01.-02. "PIT Adria Summit 2022" will be held in Tešnje on December 2022.

The conference, organized by the company Targer Engineering & Consulting, will be full of expert contents, panel discussions, workshops, as well as tours of production facilities.

Taking into account trends and economic opportunities in the world, the focus of the Conference will be topics related to the digitalization of production processes and the workforce as an important factor in the development of every company.


PIT Adria Summit 2022 – Conference, summit, choir, festival, fair, you can experience all that and much more at the central annual event intended for management and professional staff from the industry.

The last conference of this type, called PIT Central 2019, was held in Tešanj at the end of 2019. After smaller format professional conferences were held during the Covid crisis, it is time for managers, entrepreneurs and experts from industry, production and technology to gather again in one place with the aim of exchanging general current information and knowledge from the field of production. In addition to participants directly from the industry, the conference is also intended for everyone who collaborates or supports the industry in any way.

The conference will be full of professional contents, panel discussions, workshops, as well as tours of production facilities. PIT Adria Summit 2022 has three key missions:

  •     Acquiring new knowledge
  •     Acquiring new acquaintances and contacts
  •     Spreading the vibrations through the Adria region

This time, the conference took on a regional format, so the region of Southeast Europe, SEE, Western Balkans, Ex-Yu, in other words, Adria. Numerous lecturers, panelists, sponsors and participants from all countries of the region will confirm with their presence that the Adria region has been and will continue to be an excellent production location. To possess people, tradition, knowledge, energy. The conference is here to help organize all the mentioned resources even better with the aim of more innovative and productive business.

In addition to guests and experts from the countries of the Adriatic region, this time there are also lecturers and guests from other countries. For example, the keynote speaker will be professor Christoph Roser, an expert in Lean and production management. A man who gained knowledge in companies like Toyota, McKinsey or Bosch, and is currently one of the most important authors of texts on the topic of production organizations through his web portal allaboutlean.com.

Targer's partners in the organization this time are the FBiH Chamber of Commerce, Tešanj development agency and Mann Hummel Tešanj. The sponsors of the conference are companies from BiH and the region, Autotech Velenje, Tiptech Sarajevo, RIS Software Zagreb, CadCam Solutions Sarajevo and Frontline Sarajevo.

The conference will of course deal with topics that are inextricably linked to the current moment of production, such as entrepreneurship, innovation, organization, automation, Lean and efficiency, SCM - Supply Chain Management, maintenance, quality.

However, two topics will be the focus of the conference this year:

  •     People, that is. how to attract and retain workers for our companies (and countries)
  •     Digitization of business processes, especially production

And what is the state of the industry in our region?

Based on statistical data, we can say that there is enough work, sometimes even too much. The labor force is starting to be lacking, either because of filled capacities, or because of emigration to the countries of Western Europe. Production mostly takes place either within foreign companies or under the leadership of a brave part of domestic entrepreneurs. The essential problem with both for the development of our region is - very little use of domestic ingenuity in the development of products and processes, i.e. mainly the production of elements, semi-products or classic outsourcing/lon production takes place. This is also one of the strategic vacuums that needs to be filled.

We will have precise data on the state of the regional industry in the form of a conducted survey that will be presented at the PIT Adria Summit in 2022. The survey will be conducted in over 100 manufacturing companies, and it is designed to answer key questions, point out key problems, show key guidelines. This unique comprehensive survey of the industry of the SEE region will also serve as a framework through which we will find answers to the question: how to proceed, even better, more innovative and productive at the conference through presentations, panels and workshops?


More information about the Conference and how to register is available at www.targer.ba.

Sources: komorabih.ba



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  • Western Balkans
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