EU-Western Balkans Summit

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December 6, 2022
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This annual Summit is the flagship event of our Balkan Journey, a series of events and articles discussing crucial developments and creative solutions for the Western Balkans with key stakeholders. Bringing together senior decision-makers with out-of-the-box movers and shakers, this Summit allows for an in-depth and innovative discussion on the future of the region and its relations with the EU.

Ahead of the new era that unfolds before Europe’s eyes, the Western Balkans stand out as key actors bound to play a critical role in the security and democracy of the entire continent. Composed of a series of interactive debates, this Summit will address the new challenges, risks and uncertainties the Western Balkans have experienced in 2022, while focusing on practical prospects through a set of policy recommendations.

For each session, 200 senior stakeholders will be wolcomed, who will have the opportunity to engage directly with the speakers, government representatives from the Western Balkans, MEPs, senior officials from international organisations, business and civil society representatives from the region, European Young Leaders and journalists. The Summit will also reach a wider audience with an open livestream, welcoming viewers worldwide that can interact via Twitter.

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Agenda highlights

This is the first-ever summit between EU and Western Balkan leaders to take place in the Western Balkan region.

The summit is an opportunity to reconfirm the key importance of strategic partnership between the EU and the Western Balkans, a region with a clear EU perspective.

The main topics of discussion will be:

  • tackling together the consequences the Russian aggression against Ukraine
  • intensifying political and policy engagement
  • reinforcing security and building resilience against foreign interference
  • addressing the challenges posed by migration, the fight against terrorism and organised crime

Leaders are expected to issue a declaration at the end of the summit.

Discussion Points

Russia's war against Ukraine

Leaders will discuss cooperation in the face of common challenges stemming from Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

They will more specifically look at how to tackle its negative effects on energy and food security in the Western Balkans.

Political and policy engagement

The EU and Western Balkans leaders will discuss ways of deepening political and policy engagement, with a particular focus on young people.

They will also take stock of the progress made:

  • towards integration of the Western Balkans with the EU internal market
  • on the modernisation of their payments systems in line with the EU standards
  • in the digital area
  • in the implementation of the EU-Western Balkans Green Lanes

Security and resilience against foreign interference

The summit will be an opportunity to discuss coordinated actions on security and defence issues, which have become even more relevant in the context of Russia's aggression against Ukraine.

This includes fighting foreign information manipulation and improving collective cybersecurity.

Migration management

Leaders will exchange views on jointly addressing migration management as numbers on the Western Balkans migratory route have increased substantially in the past year. This includes alignment on EU visa policy and cooperation on return systems.

They will also discuss how to strengthen collaboration on counter-terrorism and prevention of radicalisation.

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