European Research Managers meet in Belgrade: BESTPRAC Thematic Group Meeting

Event date
September 6-7, 2022
University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering
Short description

The first meeting of the BESTPRAC Thematic group, which will take place in person, at the University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering, Serbia on September 6-7, 2022!


After three very successful virtual meetings BESTPRAC and EARMA jointly organised, the collaboration between the two networks is taking a step further and BESTPRAC is becoming a thematic group within EARMA! You can read more about the cooperation between the two networks here.

Meeting programme

Following the experience of our previous BESTPRAC in person meetings, we are preparing a full agenda, starting from September 6 at 10.00 and ending on September 7 by 14.00, giving you enough time to return home on the same day if you wish to do so.

BESTPRAC meetings continue to be an open and inclusive space for sharing best practices among the RMAs, also aiming at providing guidance to the most relevant topics identified by our community. We are preparing a combination of plenary sessions, panels and parallel sessions, whereas one parallel session will be dedicated exclusively to financial topics, while the other will cover non-financial topics in grant writing and project management.


The meeting will be limited to 70 participants. Participants do not have to be EARMA members in order to participate.

Since the network is no longer supported by external funding, participants will, unfortunately, have to cover their own accommodation and travel costs. We are working hard to ensure catering costs during the meeting are covered.

We hope this does not dissuade you from participating as we are planning a memorable event (after 3 years of virtual ones!).

Local organisers - Contact details

Marija Šola Spasić, University of Belgrade - School of Electrical Engineering, Serbia

Marina Matović Kostić, The Center for the Promotion of Science, Serbia


You can download the preliminary programme Dateidownloadhere.


Call for applications

In case you are interested to attend the meeting, please fill out the online application form by Wednesday, July 6, 2022 at the very latest. Due to some technical limitations, after filling out the registration form, you will receive a link with some additional information we kindly ask you to fill out.

Previous participation in BESTPRAC or EARMA activities is not a prerequisite for participation at the meeting. A person does not have to be am EARMA member to participate in the meeting.

The meeting will be limited to 70 participants.  All participants will receive confirmation regarding their participation on the meeting by July 15 at the latest, giving you enough time to book your travel and accommodation before going on summer break. We do not advise booking anything before you receive an official confirmation from the BESTPRAC Core group.

We also invite you to join us on EARMA's online community. All you have to do is join as a member / guest (depending on your status in EARMA) and join the BESTPRAC Thematic group here.


Financial support

There is no fee for participating in the meeting.

Since the BESTPRAC network is no longer supported by external funding, participants will unfortunately have to cover their own accommodation and travel costs.

The local organizers will cover catering costs during the meeting (coffee breaks and lunch on September 6).

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  • General/no specific focus
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
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  • Conference in EU/international
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