Triple Helix Conference 2020

Event date
June 15-17, 2020
Short description

Tampere Higher Education Community welcomes you to take part in the conference, which unites scholars, policy makers and practitioners to discuss the future directions of innovation.


The 2020 Triple Helix Conference is aimed to evoke both scholarly debates and best practice sharing on how innovation could create a desirable society in the future and how innovation should be understood and approached for achieving such a goal.
The Conference is held in the summery Nordic riverside city Tampere, which offers beautiful setting for the multidisciplinary dialogue.

The theme of 2020 Triple Helix Conference is Future of innovation and innovation for future. The 2020 conference will promote dialogue among researchers, policy-makers and practitioners, who are involved in various aspects of innovation ecosystem for an example with the issues related to knowledge society, social innovation, technology transfer and innovation policy to name a few. While the Triple Helix will be a lens to examine various innovation practices and the future of innovation, welcome are those, who either challenge the Triple Helix model or promote alternative approaches of innovation studies.

Tracks of the Conference

1. Theoretical foundations and methodological approaches of Triple Helix
2. Concepts and theories to frame the future of innovation
3. Innovation in transnational contexts
4. Innovation for sustainable development goals
5. University reforms for future innovation
6. Governance and public policy in shaping future innovative society
7. Individuals’ role in Triple/Quadruple Helix or future innovation
8. Other topics related to the theme of the Conference

Important dates regarding the conference:

Tampere Triple Helix Workshop: 2.10.2019
Deadline of call for proposals: 15.01.2020
Decision on proposal selection: January
Early Bird Registration: January-15.4.2020
Final day of registration: 1.6.2020
Preliminary program and selected papers are published: January
Conference Registration: April-June 2020

The event was published on the Tampere University website here.

Source: The 18th International Triple Helix Conference, 15-17 June 2020, Tampere - European Cluster Collaboration Platform

Geographical focus
  • International; Other
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • Cross-thematic/Interdisciplinary
Event type
  • Conference in EU/international

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