10th SE Europe Energy Dialogue - 13-14 June 2017, Belgrade

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June 13-14, 2017
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The “SE Europe Energy Dialogue” is a long established event of the Institute of Energy of South East Europe (IENE). This year is organized in Belgrade, Serbia on June 13-14,2017. This will be the 10th edition of the Energy Dialogue which was first launched in Thessaloniki in June 2007. This year’s Energy Dialogue comes at a time when momentous global developments are taking place with profound implications for the region’s energy situation


The  purpose  of  this  regional  forum which is being organized by IENE, under the auspices  of Serbia’s  Ministry of  Energy  and  Mining,  and with  the  support  of  leading international and regional organizations and major energy companies, is to bring together high-ranking government officials, senior business executives and energy experts from all countries of S.E. Europe and beyond. The objective being the exchange of information  and  ideas,  networking and the  development of co-operation for the tackling of the increased global and regional energy and environmental challenges.

The special theme for this year’s SEEED is “Connecting  SE Europe’s Energy Markets”signifying the tremendous effort now taking place in connecting regional energy markets in more ways than one. Also, the SE Europe Energy Dialogue gathering next June is highly topical given EU’s major drive to establish the “Energy Union” and the emphasis placed on energy security in view of persisting regional instability. Europe's, and SE Europe’s in particular, high dependence on hydrocarbon imports, the current volatile energy pricing environment, the global concern for the development of viable alternatives and the need to promote further carbon free solutionsemerge as key policy issues. The Dialogue will focus too on the latest developments in the region’s evolving natural gas, electricity and RES markets and the region’s ongoing energy partnerships with Russia, the Caspian Sea, the East Mediterranean and North Africa. Furthermore, IENE’s recently published major study the “SE Europe Energy Outlook 2016/2017”, will be presented for the first time at regional level at the conference as it will provide very useful background material.

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