Workshop of Danube Region Business Support Actors

Event date
September 1-2, 2016
Park Hotel Kaiser Franz-Ring 5 A-2500 Baden
Short description

The workshop aims to provide the opportunity to Danube region business support actors to discuss the question on how to increase the value of the EUSDR to businesses and exchange good practices.


The objective of the workshop is to reinforce the tangible impact of the business dimension of the Danube region strategy and program by:

  • elaborating the context of the EUDRS for Business
  • identifying measures which would be appropriate
  • shaping concrete actions to be taken

Emphasis will be given on the interactive participation, ensured by three steps which will be based on input from the audience:

  • presentation of strategy and the currently foreseen actions
  • networking between the participants
  • structured brainstorming and creative processes
  • how can we together increase the value of the EUSDR to business

The target audience of this workshop are actors in the area of business support in the whole Danube region, regardless whether they are regional, national or international. They should be dealing directly with businesses to have direct access to their needs. Typically this would be business organisations, cluster organisations, business support services, university, business links, incubators, public business support agencies, et cetera. However, entrepreneurs are not foreseen to participate in the workshop. The estimated number of participants is to be 100 representatives of business support organizations from 14 countries and the EU.

The event will be organized and hosted by the Austrian Foreign Ministry, the European Commission DG GROW and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN).

The registration for the event is open here. All registrations have to be accompanied by a short profile of the organisation of the participants indicating:

  • the link to the Danube Region Strategy/Program
  • current activities in the context of the Danube Regaion Strategy/Program
  • particular interests with regards to future activities in this area

This information should be provided together with the application.


Geographical focus
  • Danube Macroregion
  • European Union (EU 27)
  • Western Balkans
Scientifc field / Thematic focus
  • General
Event type
  • Conference Danube Macroregion

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