Croatian Innovation Policy Meets Reality

This is a power point presentation conducted by dr. Jadranka Svarc from the Institute for Social Sciences “Ivo Pilar”, Zagreb and dr. Emira Becic from the Ministry of Science, Education and Sports of Croatia. The presentation consists of the three parts: first current state of the Croatian National Innovation System (NIS) - institutional and organisational set-up, main stakeholders, etc. and Croatian innovation policy – policy framework (documents), main programs and instruments, etc. are presented. The second part presents results of the pilot benchmark analysis of the Croatian NIS and NISs of EU countries to stress the critical points of the Croatian NIS. Last but not the least a brief discussion of the socio-cultural inertia and the lack of policy learning that are perceived as the main obstacles to faster development of Croatia is presented.
Svarc, Jadranka, Becic, Emira (2006): Croatian Innovation Policy Meets Reality. Available from:, accessed 20.12.2006.


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International Conference: WHY INVESTING IN SCENCE IN SOUTH EASTERN EUROPE? (Ljubljana 27-29. 9. 2006)
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  • Croatia
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