Possible items to consider under the Steering Platform

The present document is aimed at facilitation of the procedures set forth by the EU-Balkan S&T Action Plan in 2003. The agenda set under the plan was very broad and ambitious which partially explains why it has only be partly implemented. It is suggested to rely on the momentum created and pursue work based on the information gained and taking into account the overall political commitment of integration into the European Research Area and European Union.Research as a tool of economic development and integration should be the guiding principle of the Steering Platform in which all Member States, the candidate countries and the Western Balkan countries participate and contribute.Without setting the priority a number of areas in which the efforts are to be concentrated are outlined:- general awareness: role of research policy; how to design an integrated research policy; links with other EU policies; Lisbon strategy- benefits of collaborative research; association to the 7th Framework Programme - human resources: facilitate movement of researchers; attract best researches- infrastructure: improve research capacity (laboratories, institutes, equipment).
European Commission (2006): Possible items to consider under the Steering Platform. Background document circulated at the First Meeting of the Platform. 26 June 2006, Vienna.


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Tania Friederichs
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