EU-Balkan Countries Action Plan in S&T. Workprogramme 2005. Draft to be discussed at the Second meeting of the ad-hoc group of High Level Officials (Brussels, 2 February 2005)

The present document offers the layout of activities for 2005 within the framework of the EU-Balkan Countries Action Plan in Science & Technology. The background of the issue consists in the fact that in 2003 the first ad-hoc meeting followed by the adoption of the Action Plan was held. At the second meeting the achievements of the activities undertaken by that time were overviewed and the new Workprogramme for 2005 was adopted.The Workprogramme 2005 draws some conclusions from the actions and measures yet effected and denotes the ongoing and envisaged short, mid and long-term projects and initiatives covering four basic areas: infrastructures, human potential, institution building and joint RTD activities. The aim of the Workprogramme is to concentrate the efforts of the interested parties, i.e. countries of the region, EU Member States, European Commission, Funding Organisations, etc., on the specified activities in order to maximize their effectiveness and impact.
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Peter Mayr
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  • Western Balkans

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