Fifth Progress Report on SMEs participation in the 7th R&D Framework Programme

The aim of this report is to monitor the participation of SMEs in the Cooperation Programme within the Seventh Research Framework Programme (FP7). The report also covers the SME participation in the Capacities and People programmes of FP7.

The Commission is required to pay special attention to the funding for SMEs under the Cooperation Programme, following the target in the Decision establishing FP7. The aim is to enable at least 15% of the funding of the programme to go to SMEs.

This Fifth SME Progress Report in FP7 includes an analysis of SME participation rates across the themes of the Cooperation Programme and of the EU contribution to SMEs in FP7 Grant Agreements (GAs) signed before 1 April 2010. In addition, an analysis is included covering also the grants to ESA, the Joint Technology Initiatives and the so-called "General activities" within the Cooperation programme.


European Commission - DG Research - SME Unit, with the support of the Interservice Taskforce on SMEs in FP7: Fifth Progress Report on SMEs participation in the 7th R&D Framework Programme, 2010.



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