FP7 Mid-Term Evaluation of COST 2010

This report is the outcome of the FP7 Mid-Term Evaluation (MTE) of COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) conducted by a Panel of independent experts from January to May 2010.

The mandate for this evaluation was to ascertain whether the recommendations of the FP6 Evaluation of COST (Monfret, 2006) and the Evaluation Summary Report for the FP7 grant agreement between the ESF and the Commission have been implemented.

Furthermore, the Panel had to give recommendations for the further development of COST. According to the decision concerning FP7 the outcome of the FP7 Mid-term Evaluation of COST are supposed to be the basis for a decision on a possible increase of the total budget of COST under FP7 up to 250 M€.


Manfred Horvat et al., FP7 Mid-Term Evaluation of COST 2010, 2010.



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