Evaluation of Croatian Innovation Capability

This is a paper written by Zoran Aralica and Katarina Bacic from the Institute of Economics in Zagreb. The authors try to assess and evaluate the Croatian innovation capability through the framework of the European Innovation Scoreboard (EIS), a system of innovation indicators. Economic theory perceives innovation as a source of national competitiveness and the EU set the ability to compete within the single market as the main economic criterion for EU accession. Through the use of EIS indicators they are able to compare and rank Croatia’s achievements in innovation policy against EU and Central and Eastern Europe countries (CEEC). Croatia ranks well by European standards in comparison to other CEEC, in particular Bulgaria and Romania, but has not made a significant progress in its innovation potential and policy with respect to the EU. The report also gives sevaral statistics.
Aralica, Zoran. Bacic, Katarina (2005): Evaluation of Croatian Innovation Capability. Available from: http://www.fes.hr/E-books/pdf/Croatian%20accession%20to%20EU_3td/06_0.pdf, accessed 22.09.2006.


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Institute of Economics in Zagreb
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  • Croatia
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