Final communiqué of the high-level round table on Science and Innovation Policy in South Eastern Europe and in Slovenia

The international conference “Why Invest in Science in South Eastern Europe” held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 28 and 29. September 2006, was followed by a high-level round table of ministers and representatives responsible for science and finance from South Eastern European countries which passed a final communiqué. In this document they recognised that specific measures are necessary, e.g. to develop and enhance S&T policy and innovation systems, to foster collaboration, to raise public understanding of science, etc.
The participating ministers and representatives also addressed the European and international organisations to support the SEE countries in these endeavours, to contribute to the training of decision-makers, and to improving the performance of STI systems and the potential and capabilities to participate in the European Research Area.
High-level Round Table ‘Science and Innovation Policy in South Eastern Europe and in Slovenia’: Final communiqué. 29. September 2006, Ljubljana, Slovenia. Available from, accessed 01 October 2006.


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UNESCO, Austrian Science and Research Liaison Office Ljubljana, Slovenian Ministry for Higher Education and Science
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