Key Figures 2007 on Science, Technology and Innovation

The results of the survey show that European productivity and R&D
expenditures lagged in comparison with the major competitors (USA, Japan, China). Such performances are partly due to structural problems, e.g. differences in the industrial structure, characterised by a narrow high-tech sector, which is one the cause of the low private contribution to R&D spending in Europe. In terms of scientific excellence, though the EU is still the largest producer of scientific output, it lags behind the USA in most of the disciplines with regard to citation impact scores and highly-cited publications and in terms of linkage between the science base and technology (patented inventions). The report maintains that Europe has to take the appropriate steps to react to and overcome the weaknesses mentioned, specifically by increasing the efficiency and attractiveness of the European Research Area (ERA).
EC (2007): KEY FIGURES 2007 ON SCIENCE,TECHNOLOGY AND INNOVATION. Available from:, accessed 14.06.2007.


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