Growing cooperation in the SEE area

The implementation of the first generation of transnational cooperation projects financed through the South East Europe Programme began in 2009, after more than one year of preparation and selection.
The 40 innovative projects help the integration process of the area and contribute to making South East Europe a more competitive place. The projects benefit from the exchange of experience and the joint work on new and interesting ideas, while developing new opportunities for the region.
The total ERDF funds allocated to the 40 projects amount to € 76.628.855. The size of the projects ranges between € 1-5 million. They are covering all four Programme Priority Axis areas (innovation, environment, accessibility, and sustainable urban growth) and tackle a wide scope of problems: from river waste management to spatial planning exercises; from protected-areas management to transport optimisation and development of innovative business parks. More than 500 partners from the 16 countries participating in the Programme are involved in the projects, presenting a good picture of the extent and dynamism of the cooperation.

This project book contains the descriptions of the first call projects under the title: "GROWING COOPERATION IN THE SEE AREA".



SEE (2011): Growing cooperation in the SEE area. Projects funded within the first call for proposals. Budapest



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